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The LG 840G is a new full touch NON-ANDROID cell phone for TracFone and Straight Talk. This phone is very similar to the popular LG 800G and at only 4 inches in height, the LG 840G is a very attractive option from TracFone.

The LG 840G is all black with a sleek silver line around its border. It has three soft buttons on the bottom for home, back, and additional menus and of course it is very compact and easy to handle and work with. Features include :
WiFi, Bluetooth, a voice recorder that comes in handy for meetings, lectures, or conversations, and a 2MP camera.

9 thoughts on “LG 840G Review Straight Talk | NET10

    • HI,
      Cases for LG840G are available at http://fatorder.com. Use coupon code “CYBER” to save 20%. They also have a screen protector but according to the site, the orders are being shipped in December. Still, this is the only place I found them.

  1. This phone is not compatable with SYNC – wasted 2 days and countless number of calls to Tracfone & SYNC and no one could give me an answer. no info on package or in docks, the only link is with a headset which you must purchase, if you want to use in your car with SYNC this phone is not for you – GL & Tracfone gets an F on this one

  2. I just got the new LG840g via HSN. I switched from Straight Talk because of the poor coverage in Palestine, TX. TracFone said it uses A.T.&T cell sites. NO better coverage.
    With my old LG812 phone when I got text messages it would say who they are from. With the new GL840 phone it just list the phone number. Not really happy.

  3. Why can this phone scan an why can it be simple to download music an video you always have to have a ups cord please limited that it should be a icon touch select your video or music choice say load it done an the voice mail is not simple it need to be simple to do stop this activation calling all of that remove that when you order it this phone should be active already but this phone is very cute slim that nice better ringtone an wallpaper it ugly change that you should able to change the phone number easy see your text an others to create Itrac5 this spring two for 99bucks quick easy to use with the cords or calling to active it done when you order old phone can be donated or send it in for a 20buck off deal only thanks keba L

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